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Redefining Hangover Recovery: Unveiling our Vitamin-Packed Formula

It's no secret that we've all experienced the aftermath of a night of indulgence – the pounding headache, the relentless exhaustion, and the overwhelming desire to turn back time. Hangovers can truly test our resilience, leaving us feeling drained and disconnected. While countless remedies promise relief, PlantWater is challenging the norm with a groundbreaking solution infused with the power of hydration and essential vitamins, which is revolutionising the way we bounce back from those dreaded hangovers.

The Dehydration-Hangover Connection: When it comes to hangovers, the link between dehydration and its notorious symptoms is hard to ignore. We all know that alcohol acts as a cunning diuretic, causing our bodies to expel fluids at an alarming rate. This dehydration not only leaves us parched but also triggers a cascade of unpleasant effects like pounding headaches, relentless fatigue, and waves of nausea. At PlantWater, we recognise this fundamental connection and set out to develop a revolutionary product that tackles the root cause of hangovers head-on.

The Essential Vitamins: At the core of our PlantWater solution lies a selection of carefully curated essential vitamins known for their remarkable impact on post-alcohol recovery. We enlisted the expertise of our team of scientists and nutritionists, who meticulously handpicked these vital nutrients to combat the symptoms of hangovers.


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Alcohol consumption swiftly depletes this critical nutrient, which plays an indispensable role in supporting optimal brain function. By replenishing Vitamin B1 levels, PlantWater aids in alleviating cognitive impairment and mental fog – two common companions of the dreaded hangover.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

As an essential vitamin in energy production and metabolism, Vitamin B2 takes centre stage in our recovery formula. By replenishing depleted Vitamin B2 levels, PlantWater helps combat the fatigue and sluggishness that often loom after a night of indulgence.

Vitamin B12

This indispensable vitamin supports neurological function and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. PlantWater's inclusion of Vitamin B12 combats the cognitive impairment that often haunts us during a hangover, helping you regain your mental clarity and focus.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6: Known for its remarkable ability to regulate mood and support brain function, Vitamin B6 is a crucial ally in post-alcohol recovery. With PlantWater, you'll experience the soothing relief from anxiety and depression that can accompany a hangover as we ensure an ample supply of this essential nutrient.

Vitamin B5

Also known as pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 plays a vital role in numerous metabolic processes within the body. Our PlantWater formulation expertly restores Vitamin B5 levels, supporting energy production, reducing fatigue, and promoting overall recovery.

Folic Acid

Alcohol consumption can deplete folic acid levels, a crucial vitamin required for DNA synthesis and red blood cell production. PlantWater's inclusion of folic acid ensures your body receives the necessary support for recovery and rejuvenation, leaving you feeling revitalised.
We understand that true recovery encompasses more than simply rehydrating. By synergising the power of hydration with essential vitamins, PlantWater provides a comprehensive solution that tackles the underlying causes of hangovers.

With 500ml of carefully filtered water in every bottle, PlantWater ensures optimal rehydration, replenishing the fluids lost during a night of celebration. But we don't stop there. Our thoughtful selection and inclusion of key vitamins actively counteract the specific effects of alcohol on your body, supporting its natural recovery processes and helping you bounce back faster.

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